Arthena is a collections and investment platform for the art market. The platform helps new collectors in the art market co-collect with experts in the field through an invest model similar to that of Angel List. I worked alongside the CTO and team to build their MVP for Miami Art Basel, as their lead designer. 


A Case Study : 

The Problem - 

As the art market increases in engagement, the team found a lack of expertise in how to invest and collect art for those who can afford to do so. With so many amateur collectors being short changed while buying prints or pieces of lesser value at higher price points, there was a need for a platform where a newly interested art collector could both, collect alongside advisors and peers, while also learning more about the art market and world. 


Our Solution - 

Arthena set out to build one of the first co-collecting art platforms where newbies in the art world can do exactly that - co-collect with others in specific categories/markets of interest, as well as, having access to events and information through our site.


My Role - 

My role in the team was to lead the design direction and help develop the interface and experience for the platform from the ground up (all in time for Miami Art Basel) - we only had three months to complete a working MVP. I led the user experience research, and managed the time line, as well as, designed the experience flow, sketched wire frames, and packaged everything into a product that could be tested by our users. Through constantly trying to better understand the context behind our product, we worked on improving landing pages that convert, and a platform that was easy to understand and use.