Bowery Blue Denim


Bowery Blue Denim is the new project of Echigoya Takyuki, a veteran in the vintage clothing space. He set out to handcraft the most authentic jeans he could create using Singer Machines from the past and limited edition Kiyama denim from Okayam, Japan.

I worked with him for several months developing the brand's voice and copy, and after months of developing content and working alongside him, everything came together in this website. We built the site on top of Square Space, with the ability to customize the jeans for all customers. Super excited for his launch! 


After researching the landscape of handmade denim companies, we decided to go against the trend to keep the design navigation of the site simple. Echigoya had a lot of amazing information about jeans, so we made sure that the highlight was the product and the story. For this we kept with a minimal design with a little bit of fun. 


I worked to develop the direction, and photography for his initial release ~