Her Agenda


Her Agenda is a digital publication, community, and community for ambitious millennial women, seeking career and life advice. As the company grows the website needed to be redesigned to accommodate their future visions of being more than just a content space, but a platform for women to connect and find opportunities in addition to their quality content offerings. This ongoing project is the current redesign and iteration of the future of Her Agenda, a digital site that would allow for a cohesive brand experience. We strived to declutter the site, and come up with new ways to push and create a cohesive experience through their services, events, opportunities, and content. 


For this project I joined the Her Agenda team on a three month accelerator program hosted by Points of Light and traveled to Atlanta to focus our attention on better understanding the business, in order to, design and develop this platform. We led interviews with current and prospective stake holders to understand and map out their needs and wants.


One of the things we talked a lot about was an easy to understand way of organizing the opportunities board. We conducted research on what the most important search functions were for our users, and came up with this simplified user interface and experience. The user just has to add their city and what kind of opportunity they are looking for. There are also advanced settings that can be tabbed down. I designed the interactions through InvisionApp to communicate with the dev shop. 


Another option that was important was the navigation tab that would drop down revealing multiple channels into content categories, tags, and features.

We also added an option for both single and two column pages to help differentiate between feature/longform interviews and articles. 


Similarily to the opportunities function, we designed the events board to be easily searchable through cities. Events could also be searched as a list, a weekly calendar and a monthly calendar. When you click the event it takes you to a page that lists the date, the space, and a quick 'About', but then also opens up to any relevant article to that event. This gives us an opportunity to eventually promote featured events and develop content partnerships with the organizers.