Invitation/Annual is a San Francisco based publication examining the lifestyle's of creatives across different fields and genres. Originally started as a zine project out of a small local art gallery, Big Umbrella Studios, the magazine grew to a small community across the country - serving both contributors and readers from Seattle, Portland, Chicago, San Francisco and LA, all the way to NY and back. We sold in countries such as Australia, Mexico, Japan and Spain, outside of the US. 

I helped design the creative direction, leading the design of every issue, as well as, working as co-editor in chief directing the themes behind every story, and working with contributors, collaborators and partners to ensure a cohesive brand experience for our community from design, stories to web. 



With every issue we covered a theme from, Home, Time, to Transitions, and with each issue we strived to uncover the human narratives behind each subject. As a team we always agreed that the stories should always have space to breathe, and be the central point of our design. Our site reflects our mission to remove the clutter and show the work of our communities. Alongside our digital offerings, our printed quarterlies also reflected this value, by prioritizing white space and movement throughout the issue, to encourage the flipping of pages and an ease for readability. 


Designed all layout for issues 1 to 4.